64 long days have passed since the acquisition of Base and we’re launching Zendesk Sell. Sell is Base that customers loved to use, but now enhanced with Zendesk platform and deeper integrations with Zendesk tools. For the Krakow office, it has been an intense period. Read on to learn about our transition, our plans for Krakow office, and the future of Sell in Zendesk product family.

First reactions to the news of acquisition were all across the board here in Kraków office. From excitement to nervousness, from optimism through skepticism to down-to-earth realism, from seeing light at the end of a tunnel to hearing train entering the tunnel that you are illegally crossing. But, at Base, we were always curious and positive, every day exponentially more so after discovering what will happen to us in the future.

There’s no better person to explain what happened, than our now former CEO, Uzi Shmilovici:

When we started Base in 2009, we set out to transform work for 30 million sales professionals worldwide. We were frustrated with the state of existing Sales Force Automation systems and how poorly they were designed.

We embarked on a mission to fix sales software, and over the next several years, we heavily invested in building a product that would redefine how SFA systems work. On this mission, we introduced many innovations to the market that are now a standard in sales platforms, including native mobile applications, fully integrated voice and email, and highly visual reports. We were committed to making sure, god forbid, people would actually enjoy using their sales software.

Being a part of Zendesk will help us accelerate the distribution of Base to more sales professionals and many more.

Check out the full blog post here, or read the coverage in Techcrunch or Interia.

Zendesk Sell – yeah, that’s us!

People keep on asking us: Will the product survive? What about your team in Kraków? What will you be doing now?

Today, as the acquisition dust settles, we are ready to share more details. Yesterday (November 13) at Relate, Zendesk’s annual product conference, Mikkel Svane, CEO and founder of Zendesk, made three major announcements: Zendesk Sell (yes! that’s us), Zendesk Sunshine and Zendesk Explore.

Zendesk Sell is the sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes and pipeline visibility for sales teams. – “Let’s do the same job for sales, that we already did for customer support!” – sounded from the stage. Zendesk Sell is Base that customers loved to use, but now enhanced with Zendesk platform, integrations with Zendesk tools and a bright future.

Zendesk Sunshine is a new platform for creating customer-focused applications on top of Zendesk’s toolset. “You can build apps on top of Sunshine, typically customer experience or customer relationship apps, and it’s built natively on AWS, so that you have access to all the AWS services. And of course, all of the applications rely on the Sunshine platform for information sharing, etc” – explained Mikkel from the stage.

While Mikkel was making the big announcement, the teams in Kraków office were deploying newly rebranded apps to production. We’ve updated colors, icons and brand across web and mobile apps. We’ve rebranded our communication, marketing, blogs and help centre. We’ve introduced deeper integration with Zendesk Support, new pricing and feature packaging. And all that within just 64 days of the acquisition. The spirit of “It’s null till you ship it” is still here and as alive as ever.

So what’s next for Zendesk Kraków? Well, exciting times are coming, to say the least. Our mission remains the same: transform work for 30 million sales professionals worldwide. With support from Zendesk, the synergy of knowledge between the two organizations, we are more confident about it than ever.

Zendesk Kraków will remain the home of Zendesk Sell. There’s so much more to be done, so we’ll be hiring with even more energy (interested? Check our jobs site). In 2019 we’re also planning to better support our local coding and startup communities – share the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years, and create space for further development.

Not only excited

I used Zendesk Support extensively and I’ve read a lot about the company in the past. One thing I knew for certain if one can say so, is that their product vision was very much aligned with ours. Zendesk believes in simple business software with great UX, which is something that we’ve been thinking since the very beginning of Base and that alone made me quite confident that it’s a right fit.
Mariusz Łusiak

Excited! I consider it as an opportunity for people and product to grow.
Paweł Gocek

Base joining the Zendesk, it’s a great thing to happen because the world is changing, the support and sales worlds are changing in a way that people are looking for complete packages of tools to do their daily jobs. And this is what Zendesk is all about, to offer the complete package so that people don’t have to go to different vendors to buy. We give them all in one package and this is amazing and I believe this is the only way to be successful in the market now.
Grzesiek Pogwizd

Joining Zendesk affects our culture in a way that we now have to work, be more focused on the long term goal, and we should focus more on relationships, on people. That’s what we’re all about. That’s what Zendesk was built around. We, at Base, were built around the idea of delivering good stuff to people to make their lives easier. Zendesk was built around relationships. Now putting this all together, we should build good stuff for people who we care about and care about ourselves.
Michał Witkowski

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