One app, many experiences

On the first look it may seem it’s just a simple app. But when you look closer you can find multiple experiences where each could be thought of as a standalone app. Truth is that having them together in one context makes every one of them more powerful.


Presenting large amounts of data in an instantly comprehensible way is one of the most difficult conceptual and design problems out there. This goes over to engineering where we often use our own custom animations, UIKit Dynamics, Core Graphics to achieve this level of understanding and interaction on a small screen.


Time and dates are an inherently complex domain. If you ever had to do anything remotely more advanced related to it you know what we mean. Combine this with the challenges of synchronization, localization, visuals like endless scroll and you’ll get a glimpse of the engineering thinking that goes into this experience.


Implementing our own fully-featured email experience within the context our users are in taught us how to smartly bridge between WebView and Javascript code with native Objective-C parts of our app.


Introducing VoIP required new app permissions and rethinking of how we handled background processing. In addition, working with audio and providing floating and dismissible call overlays come with their own challenges too.


Development of the text messages as an in-app feature may seem as a mere reflection of the iPhone’s Messages app. But it is much more than that, as conversation are contextually related to the data objects in the system. Delivering a core phone feature that users may rely on and at the same time enhance it by presenting it in the context of their data was and still is an interesting challenge.


Working efficiently with a large data model and being able to continue shipping fast is not trivial. It requires really strong engineering and solid practices.

non-blocking ui

Our users need fast access to their data, often really large amounts of it. Doing it on resource-constrained mobile devices is challenging. Implementing multiple readers single writer pattern in our Core Data stack minimizes the time the main thread is occupied.


Productive people don’t sit waiting… We use Instruments extensively to measure, analyze and optimize our app so it’s always to responding to users’ requests.

sync layer

We’re building a sync layer that allows for true offline mode, automatic conflict resolution, batch requests, that reconciles sync errors and automatically heals the state of data on the device that even actively predicts what data may be necessary should the user go offline


Every new iOS release brings many new features and API’s. We know that to stay #1 we need to always keep moving forward.

  • iOS 8.1 is the oldest supported version
  • We prepare for new major iOS versions to be ready right after the release

With every new experience, we think how latest iOS features can make it better. The effort is worth it.

Love it!

"Base is perfect for the small business owner who wants to stay on top of leads and truly KNOW their business. I worked for a multimillion dollar corporation who was still using pencil and paper to document phone calls, emails, visits etc.... Why couldn't they have used Base!! Simple and effective! It makes doing email and call campaigns fun!!! Seriously. Can't live without Base!" - Lynnie Lu

Beautiful app!

"Very useful and a pleasure to use. It is a great compliment to the powerful web based app." - cbier90


"Get this app right now. Seamless integration between phone and iPad, call and message logging along with other standard CRM functions. Great interface and tracking!" - Osofun

Excellent so far!

"Have been using Base CRM for two weeks and really like it, our business is very unique in nature and we needed to be able to customize. We vetted about 8 CRM programs and although they all say they have a app, the Base CRM app functionality is really exceptional. For now I give it 4 stars, just because it is new, their customer support is excellent and you receive an email back from a human being with actual answers a few hours later. I would sing Base CRM's praises from the rooftops, but don't want my competitors to know what I am using!!" - B4SK3tB4LL 4 1iF3


"There is no other CRM that looks and feels the way Base CRM does. They are constantly innovating and the interface is superclean." - askjoerealtor

Base CRM is perfect

"I got base originally because it was the only dynamics alternative for the windows phone. I tried absolutely every crm with Google biz apps integration. Base is friendly, does all I want, and the iPhone app is great and does everything the desktop app does. Other crm's are buggy or lack features or the app is incomplete. For instance nimble is great for social features but lacks such basic abilities as sending an email to more than one person! Take some time to discover it's simple beauty. I'm now trying out its innate phone feature which allows incoming and outgoing calls. You get to choose a phone number in your own area code. Each call is auto logged with optional recording of indiv or all calls. For my call volume it will be way cheaper than ringio or ring central and so much better to have an integral system." - Natural Sight

Great Mobile CRM

"I've used dozens of CRMs throughout the past 10 years. The problem with most CRMs is the inability to do everything on the go. Base seems to have been built to be a Mobile CRMs first desktop second. It's changed the way we do business and has enabled us to quickly keep track of our leads and deals on the go. Highly recommended for mobile users. I haven't had any issues." - sp+

Strong CRM

"Works great across all platforms, sync is instant, great integrators, well rounded solid app. CS is quick to respond and thorough! Thank you!" - SilverArrow89

Great so far

"Best app by far in regards of sales tracking. I love being able to track everything on my own independently from my work. I wish I could view charts or sales by day though, both by when "deal" was added to pipeline, and when it "closes" maybe even add a "paid" status for deals as well. Also I would like to see a monetary value to deals, and then a commission value. So you can see the volume of sales and vs your commission. A pre-set deal would be great to see so if you work for a certain company with products and you click on a "pre-set" deal that auto populated values. More metrics are always good, like maybe average commission to client, or average time of deal in each stage, for example ave time of prospect to deal then to close, then to being paid. Or average time of deals in pipeline. Just more metrics in general. More graphs and information. Solid applications so far though. Highly recommended. UPDATE: Went online and saw that I can customize everything there. Amazing. Love it 45 a month though for some of the features like sales forecast is steep, that should come with the 15/month. I would say this should be 7/month, inline with Netflix." - ChristianReyes

Easy, yet very powerful

"Base has proven to be one of the most user friendly CRM programs that I have used. Great tools that make your sales and relationship management easy. The icing on the cake is their fast support service, for those of us who still lack some tech savvy. Thank you Base team!" - Sh00tfirst


This is our bet – 10 years from now there will be no PCs at work. Ultra thin, light and powerful tablets will be carried by every information worker. Building this future today is an opportunity to rethink archaic concepts (i.e tabs) and move towards contextual and intelligent interfaces.


We share what we’ve learned, organize Swift Crunch and other hacker events believing that the more we know as a programming community the more productive and happy we can be.


We share what we’ve learned, organize Swift Crunch and other hacker events believing that the more we know as a programming community the more productive and happy we can be.

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