Are you having enough fun with your 64-bit system? Weren’t things better back in 8 and 16-bit era? The next HackKRK is coming September 17th and this time we challenge you to use your skills to create a bot that will play one of the great old games.

Let’s see how legendary tank warfare game will mix with Java & other techs. Your bots will challenge each other in competitive gameplay.

Will you be able to hack together some sketchy AI? Will you just count on your luck? Which tank will survive? Make sure to have epic fun and improve your solution with each iteration.

The event is for you if you:

  • want to write an awesome bot to compete with others
  • have experience in coding software in any programming language
  • are enthusiast who would like to use your skill to compete and meet other coding enthusiasts
  • [optional] are feeling nostalgic about good old games

What to bring:

  • a laptop with your programing language environment set up
  • good vibe and eagerness to win

Games-related prizes are waiting for the best hackers. Food and drinks are on us.

We are starting 17th September, 18:00

Let us know if you are coming on Meetup


Cover photo by David DeHetre  licensed with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0

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