As a part of Droidcon 2015 we are organizing a hands on part of the event – The Hackathon. We’ve hacked Android a thousand times. This year we got a tasty new Marshmallow release and a bunch of other tools and library updates. On top of this will join us and bring their WunderBar mini hardware boards so we can reach deep into the Internet of Things.

We are meeting on Sunday, 6th of December, at 9:00am, to work on some freshly minted Android projects. We will form teams of up to 3 people, not necessarily all Android developers, brainstorm ideas and, after a good day’s coding, we will share the results and crown the winners. And there is a good reason to compete – the developers of the winning project will get WunderBars and Chromecasts!

Will your app change the way people live and use Android ecosystem?

Start with nothing, build an app.

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Cover photo by Quentin Meulepas licensed with Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License

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Grzesiek Gajewski

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