Helm secrets – a missing piece in Kubernetes

In this article, I’ll explain how we manage secrets data at BaseCRM Kubernetes infrastructures using Helm. Our goal with Helm is to reuse parts of Helm Charts in BaseCRM Kubernetes clusters with a minimal effort and to manage only values and secrets. There is no official secrets management in Helm or Kubernetes, so we decided…

Two people are sitting at a desk with computers and discussing something

What it means to be a Software Engineer

Every once in a while my brain would get into this weird mode where it starts analyzing my latest thoughts and experiences. And then it would come up with some revolutionary insight. The kind of insight that makes you go “whoa, how come I never knew that” and your whole life is different. You start…

Introducing Swift at Base

It was July 2014 when we organized (what at the time was most likely the first in the world) Swift hackathon here at Base, gathering over a hundred people from all over the world for a two days with full focus on new features of iOS 8, and, most importantly, Swift language 1.0 developer preview….