This time we will bust a bunch of myths surrounding Test Automation.

Our plan is to give you a bunch of ‘AHA’ moments!

We’ll start by sharing our experiences and showing you good and better tests! We will focus on nuances that really make a difference for automation. Then – your turn! You will use the content of the first part and – DO IT YOURSELF :) Ok, ok – maybe in a group.

We will focus on already working examples, that need some serious improvement. There is always a better way to go, a myth to kill! You may know by now, that our habit is to deliver some fun as well, so be prepared for… a not so serious event :)

What’s in it for you? You will learn:

  • A few best practises for writing easy, quick and reliable automated test suites for web apps
  • Write your test suites in Ruby and see how nice they look like
  • Make use of PageObject pattern to make your tests suites clean and DRY
  • What is Watir WebDriver and what it’s good for

Is the event for you?

  • Yes, if you are interested in automated testing and have at least elementary knowledge in coding
  • Yes, if you have experience in automated testing but you want to improve your skill and see how to do it
  • Yes, if you want to see how the myths get busted
  • Yes, if you like the vibe of our event and want to have fun, meet people and spend a nice evening

Learn – Improve – Compete – Have fun!

Join us on Wed 5th August at Tech Space. Please bring your laptop with github account on it.

Also, to shorten the setup time at the beginning of the event, we will create necessary accounts for you. Please sign up here.

The event is also available here

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Krzysztof Bober

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