The ‘what’ of writing tests

In the previous post (The ‘why’ of writing tests) of this series I talked about my motivation behind creating automated tests and how I learned to appreciate them as a productivity tool. That explained why I write them. Today I want to share what I cover with tests. Let’s Recap Let me briefly summarize the…

The 'why' of writing tests

The ‘why’ of writing tests

Today, I’m going to tell you about my quest to discover tests. I think that many people walk the same path I walked, struggling with the same obstacles and debating over similar problems. There is value in that. We all learn best from our own mistakes, and when lost, you often find interesting places. I’m…

Are you sure you know Git?

First, I’ll say that an average developer has no clue about how to use Git to collaborate. Then, I’ll blame it on Git tutorials. Finally, I’ll share my experiences to help you get past the basics and become the developer every team needs. Sounds good? Let’s start.

Upgrade Easily

Doing a major version upgrade of the main library never sounds like fun, especially if you haven’t touched the code for a while. In this post I talk about things that authors of libraries can do to make upgrades easy for their users.