We noticed that the future was going to be mobile very early on. Back then cross-platform frameworks were booming, but we just didn’t want to sacrifice user experience for the comfort of the ‘Write once, run anywhere’.

In time, our users confirmed that native was the way to go and today we continue to care about them by shipping high quality fast.

Focusing on user experience and quality brought us to #1 ranking in Google Play and reviews like these:


"Love this app - captures my calls, shows me my tasks, easy to follow-up with customers because of it. I put down notes after most calls because the app reminds me to - simply gorgeous! Definitely saves a ton of time for every salesperson out there!" - Yavor Yanakiev

Best CRM for mobile lifestyle out there!

"Had hiccups initially, but I'm a solid advocate now - Best CRM for mobile lifestyle out there, and by a huge margin. If you value your time and love automating as much of your process as possible, if you need to be able to handle your pipeline on the go, if integration with other leading marketing and productivity tools is important to you GETBASE NOW! I'm happy to provide further insights in person - mi@vimi.co" - Mike Darnell

Comprehensive app

"I've been using this app for 6+ months (starter plan) and it's well worth the cost. I do tend to have issues online with the contact database and cookies, but support has always fixed the issue for me (within 24 hours)" - Joshua Fielder

Must have app for every sales person!

"If you run a business, then you must try Base and I have been using it from the past 4 years and still this is one of the best too our team have been using."- Jayesh Gopalan

Nice app!

"A very good-looking app with clean design. Quite intuitive. I wish I could try it out without setting up account. Menu animation is not smooth but this is a minor issue :)" - Mateusz Antkiewicz


"It is the best CRM with mobile integration. Just the best." - Juliano Urata

Love it!

"Words cannot express the level of love for this app." - Ramsay Haven

Best CRM out there!

"Excellent peace of software. Outstanding customer service & support. Beautiful UI - light years ahead of the likes of Salesforce and CRM." - Sami Memon

Best CRM I have used

"Does everything I need. Sends appointment to my customers in a nice format. My customers can accept and it goes right to my calendar. I'm a photographer and this app works great. I wish it had a few more tools but it gets the job done. I don't have any complaints at all. This app runs my business and keeps me on track. If I could give it 10 stars I would." - Livingston Lee

Love it!

"Awesome! I can't live without it!" - Shaunese Lawrence

Engineering at the core

To make it all possible we’ve created a number of open source libraries that today define the strength of our engineering.

Our implementation of Floating Action Button pattern, faithfully matching Material Design specification. As a bonus, there is a FloatingActionsMenu with cool animations.

Utility library making database operations on Android a whole lot easier. Wraps ugly APIs into pretty APIs, provides LoaderBuilder for composing background operations into standard Loaders, and replaces SQLite string concatenation with fluent API.

Minimalistic library for converting POJOs to and from Android database layer objects.

SQLite migrations on Android for human beings.

Create test fixtures with few API calls instead of dozens of hand-rolled helper methods.

No ‘Not invented here syndrome’

We also understand the value of tried and proven tools so you’ll also find such Open Source pearls in our codebase as:

defaultConfig {
    minSdkVersion 16
    targetSdkVersion 22

Keeping up with time

We want our app to always make the most of the newest Android features.

This is why our current minSdkVersion is 15 and we push it up as soon as we can. This way our developers can focus on making our users more productive instead of writing dirty Gingerbread hacks.


This is our bet - 10 years from now there will be no PCs at work. Ultra thin, light and powerful tablets will be carried by every information worker. Building this future today is an opportunity to rethink archaic concepts (i.e tabs) and move towards contextual and intelligent interfaces.

Sharing what We’ve learned

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